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QPP Appeal Letter Template for Those Aged 60 to 65

régie de rentes Québec contestation de la pénalité

QPP appeal letter template for those aged 60 to 65, who have received an amendment letter from Retraite Québec outlining the changes effective on January 1, 2024.


Here's a template letter to help you challenge the QPP. You can personalize it by adding details specific to your situation. However, to ensure all essential elements remain in your claim, we do not recommend that you remove any of the basic contents.

Submit your finalized letter via Retraite Québec Online Services


The form can be completed and submitted online or mailed to:

Retraite Québec, Direction de la révision

P.O. Box 5200, Québec, Québec  G1K 7S9


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